What Are The Most Common Causes of Home Fires?

With fall fast approaching and temperatures dropping from 90s to 70s, fire season is right around the corner. Fire season is characterized by colder weather and months when people are usually spending most of their time indoors.

With this time spent indoors, there is also an increased chance of home fires. What are the most common causes of home fires? Read on to find out! 

  1. Candles. Many people think candles are romantic and provide a nice atmosphere for the nighttime. However,A photo of a house burning down you shouldn’t light the candle and then leave the room, because this is how a fire can start (Never leave a candle unattended and always blow it out before going to sleep.)
  2. Smoking. Many of the deaths and fire from smoking occurred in people over age 65. When smoking, make sure that there are no lit parts of the cigarette that fell behind a couch, etc. Also, never smoke in bed.
  3. Electrical Wiring. Your home’s electrical wiring should be checked once a year by a specialist to ensure no area is compromised. In the holiday season, be sure to unplug Christmas lights at night, and keep your Christmas tree from becoming too dry.
  4. Washers and Dryers. These machines can malfunction, and cause interior home fires. Check your lint filters, and don’t leave anything combustible near your machines.
  5. Lightning. This is more common during the late summer months. Be sure to stay indoors during a storm and stay away from any electrical appliances.
  6. Cooking. Leaving food cooking, even for only a minute, is another contributing factor to a house fire. Never leave the room when you are cooking, or cover the food on the stove if you absolutely must leave!

Unfortunately, even though many people may know the causes of a fire, they still happen almost every day. If you find yourself a victim of a fire, first make sure you and your family are okay, and then assess the damage to your home. After these steps, call Fox Fast Dry. We are here to help you, and as specialists of smoke and fire, we can make your situation just a bit easier.Contact Us Today!

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