Mold Removal

mold removal service fox fast dry north shore maMold removal or remediation can be extremely expensive for property owners and managers. At Fox Fast Dry, we provide independent evaluation of mold property damage from sudden water damage (flooding), long-term water damage (structural), or from water damage sustained during a fire in the home.

If mold remediation is required, we will provide detailed and thorough remediation plans for mold removal throughout the home that will not compromise occupant health, further property damage, or liability to the home owner.

At Fox Fast Dry, we know that reducing your risk of mold contamination is first and foremost about getting the water damage assessed and then getting the water out of your home fast. Basements are often the primary setting for favorable mold conditions because no matter what kind of water damage the home has sustained, the water invariably ends in the basement. Still, closets, bathrooms, ceilings and attics are prime locations for mold to flourish as well because the these areas are less well-lit, the climate and conditions are typically right for mild production, and access to walls, ceilings and floors is reduced.

What about Black Mold?

While many of us have heard about black mold and toxic mold, few of us know the facts. They are often one and the same. The black mold typically associated with long-term water damage in a home is called Stachybotrys. Exposure to Stachybotrys can cause health effects similar to many other molds and it is the mycotoxins or chemicals produced by the molds and the level of exposure that are to blame for the reactions to the molds and the severity of complaints.

Because most molds are toxic to some extent and many are toxic to greater extents, all molds must be removed to minimize exposure risk and to avoid symptoms. It is important to note that the type of mold has no bearing on whether it needs to be removed nor does it matter what type of water damage is responsible for producing the mold. Once you know you have mold in the home or have sustained water damage of any kind, you must seek mold assessment, and removal or remediation.

Waiting for the musty smell to begin emanating from the walls, floors, and ceilings is not the best way to protect your home from contamination from mold. While the reasons for mold removal vary, the need to remove mold contamination carefully and correctly is crucial to be ensure the spores from the mold do not spread and expose and contaminate other rooms or areas around a contamination.

Let Fox Fast Dry assess your home and provide you with the proper guidance – every assessment is documented in a report (with photos) to assist you in resolving your situation. Call one of our mold remediation specialists in Massachusetts right now – be safe, not sorry!